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A Truck's Gas Mileage Isn't The Deciding Factor, But Why Pay More?

The rising cost of gas has pushed even truck buyers to look closely on the importance of finding one that offers a better mileage.  The unprecedented preference for trucks offering such advantage in turn pushed truck makers all over the world to improve the fuel economy of their units.  Ranking of trucks in terms of gas mileage efficiency takes into account the city Miles per Gallon (MPG) rating and the highway MPG rating.

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Most Fuel Efficient Truck
Fuel Economy or Payload. Who 'Ya Got?

Fuel economy is a very important criterion in buying a truck because of its usual intended function which is to haul heavy loads.  Pick up trucks are available in the small and standard size version.  For people who need vehicles larger than cars, trading the truck for even the most fuel efficient car is not an option such as for those who pull a trailer.  The most practical thing to do then is to find the most fuel efficient truck that will serve the desired purpose.

Even A Heavy Duty Pickup Can Do Better

There are also ways to improve a truck’s gas mileage.  First is to perform regular maintenance tasks since a well maintained truck is equivalent to the use of less gas.  Maintenance would include correctly inflated and aligned tires.  Other fuel saving moves consists of maintaining good aerodynamics, steady driving, using the right kind of gas and planning the travel route.  Using less air-conditioning whenever possible results to lesser gas consumption.  Although a truck is a vehicle that is typically used for hauling items, removing unnecessary items not only lightens the load but also improves gas mileage.
Hybrid Trucks Are A Step In The Right Direction

The sale of light trucks is on an all-time high because of its perceived image as an all-in-one vehicle.  It can be a family car, a hauler or a cargo carrier depending on the needs of its owner.  It also maintains a car-like feel while being easy to maneuver.

The most fuel efficient small pick-up trucks available in the market are the Ford Ranger Pick-up 2WD Manual with a city MPG of 22 and a highway MPG of 27, and the Toyota Tacoma 2WD Automatic with a city MPG of 19 and a highway MPG of 25.  Tied four-way for being the most fuel-efficient standard pick-up truck with a city MPG of 20 and a highway MPG of 23 are the Chevrolet Silverado 15 Hybrid Automatic 2WD and 4WD as well as the Civic Sierra 15 Hybrid Automatic 2WD and 4WD.  The least fuel efficient small pick-up truck is the Toyota Tacoma 4WD Manual with a city MPG of 14 and a highway MPG of 18.  The Nissan Titan 4WD Automatic and the Nissan Titan 4W FFV Automatic are considered the least efficient standard pick-up trucks with a city MPG of 12 and a highway MPG of 17.  The indicated MPG is based on gasoline-operated vehicles.

Commercial Trucks and Diesel Models Work Hard

With the continued search to attain the best fuel efficiency, there is a growing trend to shift to diesel fuel.  Increased mileage is possible because of more energy per unit contained in diesel fuel than gasoline.  However, a diesel engine is comparatively heavier than a gas engine.  The way an owner accessorizes his /her truck can have a big effect on fuel efficiency.  An open bed traps air which causes a drag while driving.  To compensate for the drag, engines have to work harder which results to burning more gas.

The overall MPG usually indicated on the sticker placed on new trucks can give buyers an initial indication of what to expect in terms of fuel efficiency.  Arriving at a choice may be a little tricky since would-be owners should determine whether most of their driving is done in the city or the highway since it doesn’t always follow that one model is the most efficient for both driving conditions.  It is always best to compare trucks with the same segment in determining gas mileage to be sure that you are not comparing apples to oranges.  Automotive manufacturers offer full size models and compact models in the market.

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